Wire Crochet Workshop

Hello Orchidians!

A little over a week ago, I had the pleasure of taking a private
workshop with Michael Sturlin on his unique style of wire crochet.
I want to tell you all how wonderful it was and to definitely
recommend a workshop with Michael to anyone who is interested in
learning his technique. His jewelry is beautiful!

He was very patient and encouraging - two things I think make the
learning process more enjoyable. Both he and his very pretty wife
Praparat were welcoming and I enjoyed my time spent with them.
Praparat is a wonderful cook and she made lunch both days. I can’t
promise everyone will be treated to that, but it was a very nice
added bonus to the workshop!

Michael was very generous with about the crocheting, as
well as many other aspects of jewelry making. If anyone is
considering taking a workshop with him, I would highly recommend it!

Linda Blumel
Scottsdale, AZ