Wintergreen Oil - Safety Note

    A note about wintergreen oil - I don't know if this has been
mentioned - it is extremely poisionous.

Right. Ingestion of only 10 ml of pure wintergreen oil (methyl
salicylate) is enough to kill a child, of 30 ml, an adult. (Source:
The Merck Index) Put that stuff safely away.

Robert Creutz
Weymouth, MA

I used to use Oil of Wintergreen for a short period of time, till one
day my eye got itchy and wiped it after touching this great Oil…I
couldn’t get that stuff off of my face or eye quick enough. It didn’t
hurt, it bloody well stung for hours and had to use an eye wash and
soup up my face to calm the burning skin down. So if anyone wants to
use this crud, go ahead, its your face. Just make sure you know
ahead of time what will happen to the tender parts of your face and
sensitive skin around the eyes. I am not trying to scare anyone, but
be aware of the serious consequences…

"Gerry, the Cyber-Setter "