Winning a Rio gift certificate

About this time last year, I purchased one of the ebooks to enter
the Rio Grande/Ganoksin raffle. It was a book I wanted anyway so I
considered it money well spent. I forgot about it until almost time
for the raffle winner announcement. I had meant to purchase another
book but I forgot that too. On the morning of the target date, I
thought, “Well it’s over. Let me see who won”. And I went to the
ganoksin site. There they were. The two winning names. Oh, wait…
there must be a mistake. My name is listed there. No. I never win.
Five thousand dollars to spend on anything I wanted. I couldn’t
believe it. Then Hanuman called me from Thailand to tell me I was
one of the winners. What a gracious human being he is. I could tell
he truly was happy to tell me I had won. Part of my good fortune was
that of also being connected with Hanuman in a small way.

What has this meant to me? I have tried to spend the money wisely
avoiding the temptation to buy every available tool–even those I
will never use. Tools are so seductive. I have loved being able to
donate a few small tools to our local Civic Arts jewelry program in
Walnut Creek, CA and donate a gift certificate to the Metal Arts
program at Idyllwild Arts Center in California. I would not have
been able to do this without the gift certificate. I have also
enjoyed my metal work with a lighter heart, more joy, and less
hesitancy. I am confident that my work has improved.

So, why am I boring you with this? Because, we all have another
chance to win now and another reason to purchase raffle entries. This
site, which is so helpful to each of us, needs our support now.
Ganoksin gives and gives and gives–rarely asking for payment for
services rendered. So remember to mention Ganoksin or Orchid when you
place an order with Rio Grande. Order what you need before the end of
the year for tax purposes in the USA. I still have a little bit left
of my raffle winnings, but I ask Rio to charge my credit card instead
and I mention Orchid. And I will buy the second part of the “Hinges”
book–I wanted it anyway! What can you do?

Thank you, Hanuman, for all you do for us.
Marcia Weaver

Hello Marcia

Congratulations on winning, you sound like a lovely deserving
person. Your post has successfully prompted me to enter the raffle
again. I enjoyed reading this & if it were on that social network
site I’d clicking on the “Like” button.

Hope you enjoy the tools & whatever you’re working on.
Phil Walker

a gracious, generous message.

i have already donated, as a way to thank hanuman and ton.

jean adkins

Thank you, Phil and Jean. I have had a great year and having the
freedom to explore materials and supplies certainly added to it. I
didn’t mean to be “checking” on anyone but rather wanted to remind
us of simple things we can do, things that fulfill our needs and
still help Ganoksin. I have only begun to use all the information
available here. I think winning the raffle changed my outlook to one
of “abundance”. Thanks for the facebook suggestion! I should have
posted there–and I think I will.

Best thoughts,