Winners of the Orchid Raffle 2010 are Announced!

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Winners of the Ganoksin Orchid Raffle 2010 are Announced!

Many thanks to our friends at Rio Grande for their generous donation
for making the Ganoksin Orchid Raffle 2010 a hit!

Rio Grande is your online source for innovative jewelry-making
products, great service and technical know-how. Whether you are just
starting out or are a seasoned professional jeweler, metalsmith or
artisan, Rio Grande share your passion.

Also, a HUGE thanks for those who participated in purchasing a
Charles Lewton-Brain’s eBook.! Thank you!

and… The lucky winners are…

$5,000 Rio Grande Gift Certificate goes to

Lawrence M Saber
of Sabushka Design, Perth, Australia

It all started at the beginning of 1981 when I started my
Apprenticeship for a big Manufacturing Jeweller, in
Johannesburg, South Africa. After doing my Trade Exam and
passing it, I went to run a Workshop for a friend of mine (a
fellow apprentice). After a year and a half I decided to go out
on my own. As I had no tools etc. I chanced upon someone who was
emmigrating to the USA and offered to buy his tools. I ended up
buying his Company (including 5 Benchworkers and customers) The
first 6 months were a huge learning curve for me, as I sorted
the “wheat from the chaff”, client and staff wise, as well as
learning how and how not, to run a business.

From then on it was all hard work and learning curve after
learning curve until I started to build a reputation for
creating / producing High Quality, High End Jewellery. In that
time (about 12 years) I trained 4 Apprentices and realized that
I loved teaching what I knew to others. I decided to start a
small school, as well as continuing with the business. Not only
did I teach, but I learnt from the students, at the same time.
In all I ran my business for 16+ years and mostly loved every
second of it.

In August 2001 I emmigrated to Perth in Western Australia, where
I was offered a job as Workshop Co-ordinator for one of the big
Manufacturer / Retailer Co’s here. I lasted around 18 months
there, before deciding that the “Corporate” kind of environment
was not for me. I then got a job as a bench jeweller. By a
process of elimination ie: the Head Jeweller leaving, to go to
work in Italy, I became Head Jeweller and worked at the Company
for 3 and 1/2 years, before finally deciding to go on my own

I really enjoy starting from a blank sheet of paper, to a
concept sketch, to a final sketch and then on to the real stuff

  • 24kt Gold granules, Copper and Silver for alloy, maybe some
    Palladium - Melting and alloying into 18kt Gold Bar / Ingot and
    then rolling and forging and cutting and filing and soldering
    and polishing, maybe settting some stones, final polish and
    finally - that sense of accomplishment - the piece is done and
    it looks good. Thats what it is all about

$5,000 Rio Grande Gift Certificate goes to
Robyn D. Kleinhans of Colfax, CA. USA

I have joyfully been teaching a jewelry design and rendering
class at the California Institute of Jewelry Training (CJIT).

I did most of the custom design and sales in a fine-jewelry
store in the late 80’s.

I have just returned to the bench afer a long sabatical - I am
happily working away, waking up my skills! I first began metal
fabrication as a teen-ager. After getting as far away from
jewelry, and the industry, as possible to pursue other artistic
avenues, (rebel against the family jewelry business!) and raise
my own family, - I have come full circle, and begun to embrace
this as a wonderful gift!

Orchid Please do your part and continue to purchase supplies, books
and services from those who believe in the magic of Orchid and

Thank you everyone for your support!

Congratulations to Lawrence M Saber and Robyn D. Kleinhans, the
winners of the Orchid Raffle! Though I’d have loved being named, it
makes me feel really good when another Orchid “family” member is so

And my entries are still winners because they support Orchid. Orchid
rocks! Rio Rocks! Long live Hanuman and Charles and everyone who
works so hard to keep us all together.

Pam Chott