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Width of channel and walls for 1mm stones

I have very little stone setting experience, so forgive me if I’m
missing the point here, but for those of you who use glue: How do you
tell if the stone is properly seated if it’s fixed in place by glue?
Isn’t the final seating applied by the pressure from above (ie. the
claws or surrounding metal)?

Jamie Hall


Repetition and observation teaches you what to look for. When you
set thousands of stones, you know what a seat should look like. I’d
recommend knowing how to set it clean and tight before you apply
speed enhancing techniques. The glue just speeds up your setting time
so you can actually profit from your labor. I’ve set boatloads of
stones… channels, prongs, bezels, etc… When you have to set 30
anniversary bands before you go home, you figure out ways of getting
the job done right and fast.