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Why won't the copper melt?

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I don’t know if this is the answer or not, but I recently ran into a
similar problem.

I was trying to melt copper, 2 ounces of it, not little balls of it.
I made the critical mistake of not looking up the melting
temperature. For some silly reason I thought it was an inferior metal
to Silver, so logically it had to melt before Silver… right? I’m
embarrassed to even tell you my logic on why I didn’t look it up! So
anyways, I kept trying to melt it with my rosebud tip, on my Smith
Little Torch, using Natural Gas and O2, all to no avail. I finally
realized I needed a bigger torch.

I almost bought an oxy/acetylene cutting torch. I even went so far
as to buy a bottle of acetylene. I was reading up on the safety
precautions regarding acetylene when I found out there were
"oxy/fuel" cutting torches that ran off of NG instead of acetylene. I
took back that acetylene and ordered a NG setup!

So I am now using a beautiful cutting torch that comes apart and can
also be a welding torch, that can melt copper so quickly, it’s truly
a thing of beauty. And the cool welding goggles I get to wear make it
even cooler.

So, perhaps you needed a hotter flame. If so, check out I think that’s the place that has a whole bunch of
torches, including the Smith Little Torch (don’t get the Little
Torch, I’m just telling you, so you can compare apples to apples).

Check out other “welding” sites, and you will see how much more
affordable they are, compared to our usual “jewelry” sites, or other
places. A tip for my oxy/ng torch costs $6.50 at welding-depot, and
at Norco, where I get my oxygen it would have been over $30.

Sorry this was so long,
Sandra b