Why I love Orchid

I have been a hobby jeweler for years, producing only a few pieces
at a time. My discovery, last year, of the Orchid mailing list has
helped immeasurably in propelling me into a more serious “jewelry
artisan.” I had my first Open Studio in San Francisco last weekend
and sold really well, especially thanks to mcvisa.com, which set me
up in one hour with a merchant account. I even sold the piece I
submitted to the gallery showing! I also, thanks to the advice of
others on the board, got a resale license and charged tax. The tip
about work hardening my earring wires was priceless! I have some
momentum going now and some appointments next week to do a line of
custom ornaments. My wife has been pushing me to do this for years,
and now it’s happening. As for the thread on marketing to the gay
and lesbian community, as a member of that community I know that ads
such as the one contemplated are noted, commented upon, and the
proprietors definitely see business as a result.

Now all I have to do is get up to speed on how to design my website,
and I’ll be in better shape. Orchids to Orchid! I will be sending a
small donation to Orchid as a small token of my thanks for this
wonderful forum!