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Why does LOS have to be heated?

Why does LOS have to be heated? How hot do you heat it?

thank you, brenda

It doesn’t. It does react faster but it will react without heating
if not near freezing. “Room Temperature” under normal circumstances
should get a reaction, hotter just gets it faster, , same to a
major degree with concentration, higher conc. faster reaction.

john dach

the heat speeds the reaction, i just use the hot water from my tap.


It doesn’t, it works more slowly cold but it still works.

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts

Why does LOS have to be heated? How hot do you heat it? 

You don’t have to heat it. But it works a LOT faster when you do,
and you can use it in a more dilute mixture and still get the right
results in a short time.

Used cold may need it a bit stronger, and will usually take a good
deal longer.

Also, while this doesn’t apply if you’re using the newer LOS gel
products, if you use the traditional solid pieces, you’ll find
they’re quite slow to dissolve in cold water. In warm or hot water,
they dissolve quickly enough. As to how hot? Don’t boil it, as that
just increases the rather nasty smell. Anywhere from as hot as the
tap will deliver to just below boiling is good. Hotter is faster.


I don’t know the why but I can tell you about the temperature. It
shouldn’t be boiling and it can be warm. I have an electric kettle
that my wife bought me so I’ll heat water in it, enough to heat the
piece prior to the LOS and enough for the LOS and I’ll have another
cup with ice water. Once the water gets hot I put a small piece of
LOS in the cup add the hot water and let it dissolve. I then heat the
piece in the pot for a few seconds place in the LOS and when it gets
the right color put it in the cold water.

water until I get what I want.

Scott Akridge

As to how hot? Don't boil it, as that just increases the rather
nasty smell. 

ANY liquid… When cold it’s sitting on the couch drinking beer and
watching football. Warm it up and it’ll get up and clean the house.
Warm it some more and it will run around the block. Even more and it
will take off like superman (boil). Hot LOS has molecules bouncing
all over, just looking for something to combine with. Vigorously.