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[WhoUses] Polyester resin

Hi, I’m Charo.(I’m also new in the forum) I have used Polyester
resin for ten years.It is very messy, but intriguing.You can make
pieces just with liquid polyester resin,using silicon molds.
Nowadays, I add polyester resin to my silver pieces,giving them a
touch of color. If I can help my E-mail is @charo_parra

Charo, I used to use something called “liquid plastic” in the mid
60’s. It had a catalyst to harden it. You’d mix it and pour it
into molds embedding whatever. Is this polyester resin the same

kathi parker

Charo, Hi, I also used this polyster resin in the 60’s. Please
remember to use adequate ventalation,it is possible to over
catalize the reaction also. We accidently started a fire at the
Art Institute in the back sculpture studio. not fun. Polyester
resin can also be very smelly stuff. good luck and …careful Don