Who's going to SNAG?

Thought I’d ask-- who here on Orchid will be up in Minneapolis at
SNAG (besides me)? I’d love to meet up!

I’ll be wearing an orchid pin on my name badge.

And one more thought-- anybody coming from or through Chicago,
interested in car pooling?


I will be there. Looking forward to seeing you all.


Deborah & Bill will be there! If you want a free Vendor Room day
pass, they are located on our website under trade shows! Stop in and
say hi =)

Deborah, Michele & Sharon
Reactive Metals Studio, Inc

I will be attending the SNAG conference. You know me. See ya there.
Let’s talk!

Linda Kaye-Moses

I’m actually speaking at the conference, and if you get a chance, sit
in, cause the presentation I am doing is with a friend, Rod Kelly who
is an amazing silversmith in England and his chasing work is
gorgeous. His stories are alot of fun, too. My part, well, maybe not
so interesting, but I hope it might be!

I think on Saturday there is some sort of open discussion thing we
have to do, too. So stop by and say hi then, if you don’t make the


Yes, coming all the way from Belgium, just to see you all!