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Wholesaling a few of my jewelry lines

Hi Everyone: I am seriously thinking about wholesaling a few of my
lines. I got burned on it before though when I first started making
jewelry 8 or 9 years ago. What I wanted to know was in reference to
wholesale policies. I doubt I can say “all sales final.” The problem
I want to avoid is getting paid for x number of pieces one month and
then issuing a credit for stuff from the previous month. In essence I
never get paid (since they are returning for new stuff every month)
and the retailer has nothing but fresh stuff every month.

The line I am looking to wholesale runs starting at $150 retail and
goes up to $2500. Thoughts on how I can best manage this or should I
just stick with consignment (which is what I am doing now).

And in case someone asks, consignment works well for me mostly
except when it’s a store that spends oodles of cash carrying stuff
they have already bought. I find my work isn’t pushed as hard since
the retailer has no money invested in it.

Thoughts appreciated.