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Folks, I’d love to hear some suggestions for finding wholesalers of
quality 14K and sterling “small” jewelry pieces -things like charms,
earrings and pendants. I don’t buy tons in the course of a year,
because most of what I sell is hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind pieces.
But my repeat clients and a whole community of folks I deal with
frequently request specific types of pieces that my current suppliers
don’t offer.

Specific things I’m currently looking for (and this is pretty
common) are military-themed pieces (military insignia) and a good
range of collegiate licensed insignia items. But I’m always on the
lookout for other product lines to broaden what I can offer my
clients, so anything else you’d like to share will be welcome.

I know about and have accounts with places like Stuller, Rio, Loren,
and Quality Gold. I guess I’m looking for a place sort of like
Quality Gold, but with those specific types of items. Or a smaller
place targeted to those types of items. But I DO want quality work,
not cheap die-struck knockoffs.

So. any suggestions?

Many thanks,
Karen Goeller
Hand-crafted artisan jewelry

Have you tried the manufacturers in Rhode Island or New York? I used
to buy base metal findings, castings etc. by the gross. They also
carried precious metal findings and castings. I found all my sources
in the phone book and sent for catalogs. That was twenty years ago so
they probably have web sites now. They have all the good old standard
insignias, etc. Good Luck-Margaret, Oceanside,CA

Dear Karen and All at Orchid,

We have delt with Rembrandt charm company. They have nice product
and cover some of the things you mentioned needing. The only
draw-back with them is they do not offer white gold, only yellow
gold and sterling. However, they are very nice people to deal with,
and generally prompt. Their charm selection is huge. As usual, I am
not affiliated with them in any way other than as a satisfied

370 S. Youngs Rd.
Buffalo, NY 14221
(716) 633-2450

Another company I am aware of but do not have any first hand
experience with is LogoArt. They specialize in collegiate and
professional sports jewelry. Looking in their catalog, they also
feature military items. I have never ordered from them, so can’t
endorse them; just letting you know they are out there.

Dayton, Ohio  45440
(937) 427-9877

Take care all. I hope you all have a safe and exciting time at
Tucson. I am donating a piece of jewelry for the Orchid Silent
Auction, so will be there in spirit though not in body. Have fun.

Nesheim Fuller Design
david lee jeweler

Mason City, Iowa, where it is 15 below zero, with a high expected
today of 2 below. BRRRRRRRRRR.