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Wholesalers in Denver, Colorado?

I’m flying to Denver, Colorado tomorrow for a week of skiing
(weather permitting!), but I’m going to spend one or two days
checking out the local Merchandise Mart, walking a few malls and
downtown retail areas.

Does anyone know of any silver wholesalers/importers in the area
they would recommend I visit? Also, what about unique/revitalized
nieghborhood shopping areas? Any other sites, restaurants, or
tourist-related things to recommend? I’m staying near downtown.


Does anyone know of any silver wholesalers/importers in the area
they would recommend I visit? 

Doug, I don’t know if you are looking for ready made goods or for
Jeweler tool and supply.

For Jeweler tool and supply I would recommend:

A2Z Metalsmith Supply Inc
5151 S Federal Blvd I-9
(720) 283-7200

Maroon Bells Industries Inc
3400 Tejon
DENVER,  CO 80211 - 3435
(303) 433-2283

The Naja
6810 Broadway
THORNTON,  CO 80221 - 2860
(303) 426-6284

If your looking for something different and someone who does custom
casting, etc. check out Richard Hart’s Jewelers Gallery:

Jewelers Gallery
1505 S Pearl
DENVER,  CO 80210 - 2634
(303) 777-4333

Also, check out the area Richard’s store is located. It’s call old
Pearl street and has a interesting mix of eclectic shops and

Enjoy Colorado!

Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Hiya Doug! Enjoy your trip to Colorado! Have fun skiing! My husband
took me to Banff for my first ski experience (he was raised in
Calgary/Edmonton area so Banff was really his backyard.) After a few
hours with a ski-instructor, they got me up on the last lift - when
the entire mountain-side was empty - and I panicked!!! They had to
get me down in a snowmobile after I said I would only slide down on
my tush. It has been better since though. We are in Houston, not in
Denver, but we are manufacturers and wholesalers of sterling silver
(and gold) jewelry. Our new catalog is on press now and if you would
to receive one, please e-mail me off list with your address. My
e-mail is Safe travels! Rachel Silber