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Has anyone had any experience with I contacted
them for and also asked for statistical I
did get a sales brochure and some phone calls; however, I could
never get any numbers from them, which makes me hesitant–lots of
claims, but no data to back them up.

I have not written them off yet–their site and advertising is well
presented–but I would like to get some feedback from persons who
are not members of their sales staff.

As always, thanks for the willingness to share your experiences. I
have learned so much since joining this list!!!

Andrea L. McLester

Hi Andrea, Have they given you a pass to check out their site? If
they haven’t, ask them for one. Then you can find vendors with
similar jewelry to yours and ask them how they do. If they won’t
give you one then there may be a good reason that they don’t want you
to see their other members - so you don’t get a so-so review from

Jill’s site is really nicely done. It has a very nice
professional look to it, and it’s well written. I don’t have any
experience with them, however, you can always look up the artists who
have already signed up with them and contact them personally.

If you go to, click on Member’s Entrance.
Their member’s entrance page is displayed, where you would supply
your id and password. At the bottom of the entry form it says "New
Artists: Click HERE for more " Click there. Their Tour
page is displayed and you can take the tour around the site. But
also, they list a bunch of “satisfied member” statements under the
heading “What artists are saying about”. The
first is by someone named Gail Chavenelle, of Chavenelle Studio
Metalworks; I plugged her name into Google and easily found her
website. Which was also very well done, BTW.

I did take’s tour, though, and in taking it, I
learned that they print a wholesale catalog twice a year, in February
and July, and that it’s included in The Crafts Report for those
months. I’m not currently a Crafts Report subscriber, but I’m
probably going to go out and buy the July issue, just to see what’s print catalog looks like. I also wonder if they
are connected to Crafts Report in any way?

Christine, still waking up in Littleton, Massachusetts, USA

does anyone have any experience with its been
recomended to me by a retailer, as a place to selling my work, ive
checked it it it seems like a decent place has anyone had any
experience good or bad??

Help others make informed buying decisions with We
welcome your opinions and experiences with their products, ordering,
customer service and and over all satisfaction.

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I have heard mixed things from wholecrafts. It CAN be a viable
place to list your merchandise, but of course, no guarantee. They
just emailed a Promotion to me (never joined them) and I noticed that
they have not raised their prices (same for, the last 4 years).

In the past, I had emailed some of the listed artists - some loved
it, some felt it generated inquiries, but no sales.

Help others make informed buying decisions with
We welcome your opinions and experiences with their products,
ordering, customer service and and over all satisfaction.

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I have been looking for an easy and inexpensive way to expose my
product to the Internet. The best thing I have found so far is:

where for $39/mo I can get up to eight pages of photos and a listing
about me and my company. They also have 850+ craftsmen, artist, etc.
They only deal with artists or companies that make handmade products.
The 10,000 retailers who have signed up, pay nothing, but must
qualify re: credit, etc.

The description page about the artist, their company, etc. is
extremely easy to enter without a great deal of typing etc. There is
no charge for any of the sales that are made through them.

The only problem is that it is restricted to retailers only thus
pricing is wholesale (multiple units). What I need is a similar
situation except that the site would be a place for the end consumer
to go and buy at the regular retail price. Thus I could get the
retail price for my one of a kind products. Or I can list in both
types of sites and cover the retailer and the end consumer.

I have done a brief search and can not find a good Web company that
lets a producer sell to the end consumer. There are some out there
by they don’t seem to be of the quality, character, integrity, and
VOLUME of Is anybody out there dealing with such
a company that they would recommend? Also would appreciate it if
there are any other GOOD retailer sites like wholesalecrafts that I
can check out.

PLEASE NOTE: I have only talked to wholesalecrafts and have not
signed up yet with them. Therefore I am not 100% sure that they will
deliver as promised but the facts of their volume and site statistics
are excellent.

Please feel free to contact me directly.

Many thanks.
Steve Foster

Instead of wholesalecrafts, have you looked at Does
your local metasmithing organization have a web presence and could
they be convinced to carry work for sale? Do you have your stuff on
Orchid so people can see what you do? Look also at for inexpensive web representation. Or do
your own website.

Judy Hoch, G.G.