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Wholesale with non-profit

Hi everyone,

I have been working with several galleries over the past year -
everything has been going well - all my prices are the same across
all galleries and it always seems to be a 50/50 split. I have been
speaking with a new gallery (new to me - it has been around a while)
about a holiday show they are planning for Nov & Dec. They are
concerned that my prices are too high for their customer base, and
since they do a 65% (me) / 35% (them) split, they want me to lower my
retail price for the event. I expressed concern that I would never
want to undercut the galleries I am currently with, however, their
point was that since they are a non-profit, other artists accommodate
them and don’t charge full retail at this event. Has this ever
happened to anyone else? I would like to participate but would not
do so if this is considered bad business concerning the other
galleries in the same city. I still get paid the same amount, so my
bottom line would not be affected.


Molly Hislop
Marlow Designs

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Gee, why would you have a problem with it if your bottom line is
unaffected? Maybe I’m stupid, but isn’t the bottom line what
business is all about? Oh yes, then there’s the aspect of customer
satisfaction. Again, what’s the problem?

Sun Country Gems