[Wholesale Source] Medical alerts

I’ve had several requests for medical alert charms and pendants to
be incorporated into jewelry. Does anyone know where to get them



I got some plastic patterns from if I remember right LEX WAX co.
they were kind of pricey but they work great for making an RTV mold,
I still have some, in fact I have two sizes of the star of life I
believe it’s called, another that says medical alert, that is
rectangular and looks good as a top on a link bracelet, and one that
is simply a round charm or small pendant size, contact me off line if
you’d like more info.

If you need them cast, I can arrange for that as well through my
sons company.

Kenneth Ferrell


Both Stuller and Qgold have medic-alert components as well as
finished pieces. The other component of doing the work is for the
customer to enroll in the Medic Alert program, which provides them
with a unique ID number. The 800 number and unique ID are engraved
onto the medic alert tag, and the paramedics or ER call the number to
get details of the condition and/or medications involved in the

Some clients simply want the word “diabetic” or “epileptic” and
their doctor’s phone number engraved on the tags, which is fine. But
for liability reasons, you need to tell them about the full-service
medic alert system and let them make the determination if they want
to skip it. Of course, document that on their receipt.

OR… simply provide them with the jewelry and let them get it
engraved themselves – and document THAT on the receipt, too.

That way, it can’t come back to bite you that you “did it wrong” and
they didn’t know they weren’t getting a “real” medic alert.

Karen Goeller
Hand-Crafted Artisan Jewelry