Wholesale shows

Thank you so much for the wealth of I have received in
this discussion group. I’ve never done a wholesale show, but I am
looking into it. I don’t mean to sound ignorant, but I was
wondering if some one could tell me in general how wholesale shows
work. Do you take alot of stuff to sell, like a retail show? Or
rather take items mostly for display, and take orders to be
delivered in a few weeks?( I’m speaking of jewelry priced retail of
$50-$300, some unique, some reorderable). Thanks in advance.

If you are going to do the big wholesale shows you need to have some
sort of print piece with pictures or drawings of the pieces and the
wholesale pricing. You need to have a calendar on which you can
set aside time to fill each order so that you can tell the customer
when you will ship the order. I also noticed at the ACC wholesale
show in Baltimore that the displays were simpler and most items were
not in cases as the would be at a retail show. Prices were clearly
displayed. Deb

Beth, It is my humble opinion that wholesale shows really deal with
production pieces as you guessed. A couple friends of mine that are
Jewelry artist s, (they do just amazing things in metal, it’s
mindblowing) and strictly cre ate one of a kind pieces. They exhibit
at the high end craft fairs. Perhaps t his is where you might be best
suited. I can find out more from them if you would like.

So we don’t bore anyone on this forum regarding this, you can
contact me off line if you would like more