Wholesale Ring Bands?

Hi, My bread and butter are $150 gemstone rings I make myself. I need to increase productivity and inventory but have run into a wall where I don;t have time for these and have not built up a client base for my more advanced work.

I need some 5mm and 6mm wide 2mm thick sterling silver bands. Probably lots of 200 at a time 800 a year…

Any clues? Also I usually stamp my hallmark inside and may require custom made where they are stamped as well. SO plain or stamped!


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Contact casting houses. They can often take an impression of finished rings, create molds and cast the blanks for you.


Most general suppliers sell rings, but since you want them kindof thick, you may like Tri-Bro. https://www.tri-bro.com/sterling-silver-rings I’ve noticed theirs are usually thicker than other suppliers. They don’t hallmark them though.

Rio, Stuller, Ross Metals, Herschlag, etc all sell bands.


Are these rings all different sizes or just one generic size like 6.5 or 10.5?

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I’d size them but 75% of the rings I sell are size 7 so…

If you do go with Tri-bro, they sell full sizes in a normal range. No minimum per size. I just hammer mine out to half and quarter sizes as needed.


Those rings look like they are well made! Hopefully they’ll work for WarrenA81588.


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Thanks everyone!

I’d like them to be a bit heavier. The Tri-bro are only 16 gauge. My rings are 12 ga. That’s what my customers dig!

I’ll give them a shot though. Maybe a lower cost line I can pound out.


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