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Wholesale pearl suppliers and other questions

for pearls Ingebritson Gems & jewelry 5433 Westeimer Suite 420 Houston,
Tx. 77056 1-800-635-4367 ask for Ia Ingebritson
Very knowledgeable and very nice folks to deal with… Frank Goss

I have purchased wonderful pearls from King’s Ransom. Betty Sue is
the owner and will send you pearls to view without any charge. Her
telephone number is 1 877 331 2650. Her email is

Razine M. Wenneker, Manager
Ellie Rose LINK-ABLE Designs, L.L.C.
Email: @Razine_Wenneker1

K-, I would recommend two dealers, both on the West Coast if you’re
going to buy pearls sight unseen. They are King’s Ransom @
877.331.2650, email, and Seahunt @ 415.543.7900,
email They will most likely send you material on
memo, meaning you can to look at it and decide within a week or so if
you want to keep it or send it back. You’ll pay for the shipping and
anything you keep. It helps to be as specific as possible about what
quality you want (lustre, body color, shape, clean surface, rings,
etc.) I’ve found their goods to be consistently high in quality and
their prices fair. I’ve bought from many pearl companies and it took a
long time to find companies that I could order from over the phone and
get exactly what I asked for. I generally would not recommend buying
pearls off the web, especially from E-Bay-like sites; from what I’ve
seen many use the same perfect pearl picture over and over again
regardless of description. Good luck.


K.- A good personal friend of mine is in the pearl wholesaling
business. He is based in Los Angeles, really knows his stuff, and is a
very straight up guy.

his name is: Francisco Adame email: home phone:
213-625-8606 -Drew