Wholesale Line Sheets

Hello Everyone:

I am hoping that I can get help me with this issue I’m having, specifically, creating wholesale line sheets. I have had them in the past, but they were created in a format that I cannot work in. Therefore, I am looking for an individual who can create them in either Excel or Numbers. Fiverr.com is an option, but most of the sellers there want to use Adobe Illustrator. What does everyone suggest here and any referrals will be greatly appreciated.

If you are looking at excel or numbers, they are both spreadsheets. Look at a relational database like access, file maker or air table, that allow you to import spreadsheet data as a CSV. file and then output layouts in whatever form you want. Look also at google sheets or just tables in various word processing applications. Lots of options, but they all require some work. Long term, a relational database gives you the most flexibility. Post an example of what you are trying to achieve…Rob

Canva.com is one online program to use if you want to make line sheets and other docs for your business. I’m currently working with a client to make her line sheets but I’m creating them in InDesign and will export them to PDF so she can edit the PDF.

Rob brings up a great question: Are you wanting to use the line sheet using Excel as a database or just a visual for your wholesalers?

I have been using spreadsheets for my online jewelry store for several yeas from Janet LeBlanc at PaperandSpark.com. She has a Seller spreadsheet and an Inventory and Pricing spreadsheet. I use both. They are extremely well-priced, plus you get lots of help if you run into a problem. You should definitely check out her website. She’s the best! She is very generous with her time.

Unless she is a graphic designer and has access to Adobe Acrobat PRO, she cannot edit a pdf. Canva is an image editing program – basically a freebie Photoshop. If you have InDesign, you probably also have Acrobat Pro and can edit pdf’s, but your client can’t do that.

My client has the whole Adobe suite and is able to edit the PDFs. She has me creating the template because she doesn’t have the time/know enough/care to learn more about InD to do it herself. I learned about Canva through https://www.indieretailacademy.com/. She has templates for line sheets that were made in Canva so I thought to mention it.

All I am looking to do is provide a printed line sheet for wholesale customers or to print and hand out to potential galleries, etc. I don’t have Adobe or Illustrator or any of these programs for creating a PDF nor do I have time or the interest in learning how to use them. I will contact Janet LeBlanc. Hopefully, she can help me. If not, back to Fiverr.

That’s cool. Just mentioning the different programs out there. Canva is nice because you can click and drag blocks to design your page. And there are tons of templates that you can customize. They have a free version and I think a $10 a month version if you want more options.

I can help out if you want to do an Excel line sheet template too. I have a template I did for myself a couple of years ago in Word and can be created in Excel too.

Thanks for your input here.

I’m late to the topic but all this information will come in handy soon as I’m redoing my website and looking for more wholesale work.
Thanks, Taf

I’ve figured out since the discussion started that using Numbers is the best solution for my business. LMK if I can be of any help.

Ellen Lyons