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Wholesale Glass Cabochons and Halfed Metal Balls


Hello Augest. If you are interested in using dichroic glass
cabochons in your jewelry, I can help you. I am a manufacturer of
dichroic glass cabochons (and beads coming soon). Several other
Orchidians have bought dichroic cabs from me and I believe that they
would attest to the quality and excellent price that I offer. You
can see some of our best selling colors at We have much, much more
than what is shown on our site. We are always creating new and
exciting colors. Please visit our website and feel free to e-mail
or call me if you have any questions. - Best Regards, Nancy Stinnett,
Owner Geosoul Arts (702) 436-7685


Sorry, I mistyped that link for our dichroic glass colors page. The
correct link is Thank you!

Nancy Stinnett, Owner
Geosoul Arts
(702) 436-7685