Who or what inspired you to become a metalsmith?

20 words or less…Who or what inspired you to become a metalsmith?

The Nelson Art Gallery in KC, Native Americans in NM and an old
lapidary guy in CO. Bless 'em all.

A trip to Cape Cod when I was 17, silversmith Neil Terkelsen was
making a teapot in his Barnstable workshop.

Jeff Herman

Took Jewelry making in high school, fell in love with it and it
became my career. 30 years and counting. Joy

Dad managed a jewelry store, polishing paid more than warehouse gig,
group of jewellers in the back room partied like pirates.

Was in a recession unemployed. Went to the library and read books on
the Great Depression looking for jobs that survived. Jewelry
businesses survived better then most.

Panama Bay Jewelers

Just one word,


Maurice Mandelburg’s shop in the Imperial Arcade Sydney, Aladdin’s
cave or what.

Gave me a dream and followed it.


First off I LOVE the Nelson Atkins Gallery in Kansas City, MO. I
grew up going there every summer. When my sisters and I say " the
Gallery" we are referring to the Nelson Atkins.

20 words or less;

Jewelry makes a relationship possible with dad, he and my grandfather
like weight on me until I grew into loving it.

Sam Patania, Tucson

The metal shops in Toledo Spain that I used to hang out in when I
lived in Madrid as a kid.

Oops! 21 words. Sorry.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer

4-H camp age 9 was taught to cab stones we found. On a flat kick lap
no less!!


First off, Cynthia Dach (Thomas Balloni)–my first mentor etc. merry
renk Carl Jennings Marty Streich

My great uncle Georg Jensen, My aunt Agnes a ceramic painter for
Royal Copenhagen, and being too cheap to pay for what I could make.

Loved jewelry, couldn’t afford to buy it! Once I tried it and saw how
much Icould do with endless possibilities, I knew I couldn’t get
bored. Nearly 40years on and still learning!

Melissa Veres, engraver

Why I learned metalsmithing? The short answer is the stones. Plume
agates, turquoise, jaspers, etc.

Sorry I’m 80, many stones, so little time!

Noralie Katsu

My love of gemstones and all things sparkly, and a “can do” attitude
that doesn’t like to be defeated.


The treasure room scene in Jungle Book (the original movie starring
Sabu); Treasure Island, my aunt’s costume jewelry I used for
"dress-up"; my other aunt’s “real” jewels; my mother’s love of
antiques; a jeweler at a craft show actually making his stuff right
there; Don and Judy Cook showing their work at a craft show; being
of a hippie mind in the 60’s and learning about ethnic jewels;
learning about ancient jewels in an Ancient History class in college
(thank you Jeanne Davidson at UVM); Gitte Zweig who made gorgeously
constructed jewels and with whom I took a continuing ed. beginning
jewelry making class at our local community college; and one and on
and on. And what little girl doesn’t love cool sparkly things to
adorn her bod (am I being sexist here?).

That’s all (maybe),
Linda Kaye-Moses

My grandfather taught me repousse and chasing for a few weeks in
Philadelphia in 1962.

My very good friend Randy Hardzog (Wyoming) who passed away a
several years ago.

I got hooked and I’m still hooked. Thanks for everything Randy, I
still think of you!

I love nature, spent a lot of time in The Smoky Mountains many yrs.
ago, found an 18 Kt. sapphire in The Cowee Valley in W. NC, one
thing led to another. That was about 27, 28 yrs ago. I love stones
that are more natural looking from Mother Earth than faceted stones.
Sharon Perdasofpy

I am a hobbiest with a need to create. Quilted till a house fire 10
yrs ago. Started stringing as quilt supplies all in storage, soo
after took some metal working classes. buying tools. hooked! also
seed bead. Got to be making something. always.