Who knew?

HI THIS IS SABRA i love Ganoksin because i always learn something.
Making jewelry is similar to making love, the means and materials
are sooo personal it is like a secret recipe that has to be handed
down. When i started this i didn’t just want a hobby, l got some
DVDs’ Tim McCreight and some books and started learning about wire
and wrapping and then i went to classes at the best schools Cecelia
Bauer Studio, Liloveve, 92nd St. YMCA now the School of Visual Arts.
I learn when i read Ganoksin and learning that is all i can ask for
but all of you manage to give me more, alot more than my small
donations your time your dedication and i wanted to let you know i
understand more today than ever. Thank you!!! Most of all i
learned that the Passion is there even if some of you have snow on
the roof there is some fire in your furnaces & kilns all of you
thank you for accepting my curiousity.

White Hot Passion i can see in each of your words it comes out of
your hearts, answers that are typed on the blog depict — the
dedication the Hundreds of Thousands of hours spent melting,
forging, drawing, bending, annealing, drilling, hammering & milling
– pressing & breathing your blood sweat & tears for a small ring,
or pendant or bracelet.

Selling jewelry to people who will purchase your jewelry do not have
a clue how hard it is. That’s like the biggest testament you guys
make it look easy when it’s not. How much you instil your deepest
feelings & soul into your craft. Years and Years of difficult
classrooms, pain in the butt professors, (pain in the ass students
like me)lol. Figuring out hard mathmatical calculations, burned
fingers, burned feet, burned metal — Spending $$$$$ hundreds of
thousands in supplies. Some losing businesses re-tooling after
Hurricanes, Running this blog in the middle of a flood. Then the
Logo making, Websites, Catalogs, taxes, bookkeeping and accounting
all of it if LOVE DID NOT EXIST you could not do this type of thing
it’s similar to being a teacher if you don’t love children you
should not teach.

Well if you don’t love the glint and glimmer of silver after it’s
polished on a wheel – or the shine & gilt on pure palladium or the
white hot intensity of platinum or staring into a loupe at a
tanzanite throwing off three colors, or finding a gemstone someone
said you couldn’t find. I had no idea what the hell i was getting
into or how much money i would be spending or the tears in my face
or the jewelry i had to hock for supplies and/or classes, the
sacrifice. Some of you sacrificed your health breathing in fumes but
you do it still, or making wax touching curves and clouds with your
fingers pouring it out pouring all out leaving it all on the Bench.
I’m getting it you gutsy - wonderful people. Your profession is
soooooo cool. NEVER CHANGE NEVER give in even when you have not so
nice words i know you are all colleagues & respect & love each
other. i know it now. thank you again and again. oh yeah quit
arguing l love you all. i’m a big woman here’s a big hug from me.
Okay i’ll stop being touchy feely but i know you guys are all tough
on the outside & inside but deep down inside your all rainbow &
cuddly I love my new profession, i’m going to be crazy as hell soon
but what the heck!