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Who does equipment repair?

I know there’s someone on this list who repairs jeweler’s shop
equipment, but I neglected to record their name/e-mail address and
now I can’t find it. I’m having a problem with our second-hand aqua
torch, and the manual doesn’t cover this particular problem in the
troubleshooting section. Would that person please contact me so I can
determine whether this torch needs to be sent out for repairs or if
this is just a maintenance issue? Thanks!

–Kathy Johnson
Feathered Gems Jewelry

For jewelry equipment repair try The Jewelry Equipment Doctor in
Colorado Springs. He seems to be able to fix anything related to
the jewelry business and gets work from all over the country. Call
719-527-1531. I’ve had a number of items repaired in his shop and
was always very satisfied with the results. Regards, Suzanne