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Who can drill for me?

I have been asked to make a simple chain anklet with a tumblestone
accent. I normally drill my own stones, but this one is beyond my
equipment. I need a hole drilled through a piece of agate/quartz (not
sure of the stone - just one of a mixed lot that the customer liked!)
large enough to take a trace chain. The stone is 13 mm wide and 9mm
thick. I need a hole drilled large enough to take a trace chain that
is 1.5mm x 2mm, through the thick end of the stone (1.5 - 2.0 mm diam
hole). I only have commercial diamond drills and a small hobby drill,
which are not long/powerful enough to drill 13mm. Is there anyone out
there (preferably in the UK because of shipping costs, but anywhere
will be OK) who could drill this for me? I love this list. I have an
Honours Degree in Geology, but knowing is not the same as using, and
I get great pleasure from my first task in the morning - reading the
Orchid posts and learning so much! Best wishes to all Pat Waddington

Pat: I have been drilling 1.10mm holes in canadian Jade for 30 years.
I use to use small dimond drills with a recipitating small electric
drill press. The diamond drill cost too much so I started to 400
carbirundun grit and a small imm ropper rod or a steel drill bit…

I build a dam around where the hole is to be drilled and apply the
grit and some water to the small dam .The drill rod goes up and down
and in about twenty minutes the hole will be done in a 10 mm cab. Hope
this will help.

Billy S. Bates
Royal Wildlife Miniatures

Note From Ganoksin Staff:
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