Whiteout correction fluid as a stop out in soldering

I would not think of soldering except under the hood. It's also
useful when using epoxies, solvents, etc. 

Kevin you are so right on this.

Folks if you are soldering you need good ventilation, period, end of
discussion. There is no excuse or rationalization to get away from
it. If you don’t have it you are hurting yourself and anyone else in
the space with you.


James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts


whiteout correction fluid as a stop out in soldering Candyce, I know
that the white out correction fluid will work as a stop for solder
flowing in that area. BUT… do you want to have a super difficult
time removing it once you items are soldered together? I doubt it.
The toxicity factor is also there using a product that is not
specifically designed to be used to stop solder from flowing in an
area while the white out fluid is being super heated. This is called
“off label”. “Off label” can work in many circumstances, but please
take heed of any toxic fumes generated while heating. BUT… why not
go to a product that is designed for the prime application of
stopping solder from flowing. There is a product called Stop-Flow; it
is designed for this exact purpose. It is sold in small bottles and
not a very big investment. It is a green liquid, I apply it with a
small brush to get it exactly where I want to have it applied. It
dries quickly but best of all… It washes off with water. I do
pickle it along with the piece and have never had any problems
removing it with some water and either a small rub of the finger or
having to go “full steam ahead” with a soft toothbrush to get it
removed. I have never noticed pickle contamination from this
product. Using a product that is designed for a specific use, works
great, removes easily, is truly a dream come true. There are not many
products that are so well designed and executed. I purchase it at
the Mine Shaft in Pompano, Florida 800-654-3934 (no affiliation, just
a happy customer-all usual disclaimers).

Beth Katz
Paste and Powder Solder for Jewelers and Metalsmiths

Hi Gang,

Ordinary white artists water colour straight from the tube works for
me - as long as the surface isn’t greasy. Basically, anything that
’dirties’ the surface will stop the solder flowing where its not

Best wishes,
Ian W. Wright
Sheffield UK