White sapphire or forever brilliant moissanite?

you all. I am doing my first engagement ring and I was lucky to score
a 1 carat diamond for it. But I have a 2nd 18KTYG mount that I was
going to do with a lower price point in mind. So here’s the question,
should I invest my pennies in a 6.5mm white sapphire for the mount or
a 6.5mm forever brilliant moissanite? Thoughts?


Neither. Both are a substitute. Put a lovely colored stone in.

No matter what you’ll always wish it was real.

That’s why Tim and I never ever take on “designer” knock offs.
They’ll always wish it really was an Oscar Heyman.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer

When I’m working with a lower price point I always go for moissenite
over white sapphire. The cut and luster in a white sapphire is
drastically different than a diamond and it will be really obvious to
everyone what it is. A moissenite has it’s own characteristics but on
a whole it is the closest diamond simulant that I enjoy working with.
My setters have no problems working with it and my customers are
always thrilled with the results. Its worth it to spend the extra few
bucks to get a whiter moissenite than just a regular - as most
moissenites have a slightly green or yellow cast to them. Hope this
helps make your decision!