White sapphire and red spinel rough needed

I am in need of high quality white sapphire rough for faceting -
specifically, a piece to cut a 1 to 2 carat round. White sapphire
rough has always been pretty hard to find in good quality, so if
anyone knows of a supplier, I would really like to hear about it.
Also, I am looking for red spinel rough in the same size range. Any
info is appreciated.

Jeff White


I don’t know of a source for these. Someone who deals in African
rough might have the spinel. I would suggest you check the rough
suppliers against Ahem Shareek’s price for the cut stones. You could
have them recut at negligible (10 to 20%?) weight loss if the cut
wasn’t good enough. I have seen pink and blue spinel from Tunduru,
but no real red.