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White Plastic Bowl Photography

I have been playing with the cheapo imitation “cloud dome” white
plastic bowls for photographing jewelry and I have a question.

When I use a simple white plastic material the source lights are
being filtered through this WHITE bowl. The resultant light that
enters the dome now has a significant YELLOW tint because it has been
passed through a WHITE filter. My digital camera can do automatic
white balancing with a reference white background. i have placed a
simple white sheet of paper inside the dome and “white balanced” the
camera prior to photographing the jewelry. However, if the piece is
yellow gold, the auto balance makes it turn out gray.

What do you other people do to adjust? Do I need a different
material for the bowl? If so, what do you recommend? I have used
both incandescent bulbs and fluorescent bulbs for this.

Daniel J. Statman, Statman Designs

I use hot blue bulbs from the most camera stores. Especially the
small stores. Ratz no longer carries them.

I’m not sure why you would get a yellow light with a white bowl.
Here is what I have been using I
built a simple lighting box and use a rubbermaid trash can lid for a
dome. I also set white balance on the camera. The bulbs I am using I
got at Home Depot, they only had a couple in this size and these I
think said they give a natural light, they are very white.



One simple solution is toget 5300 degree Kelvin flourescent bulbs.
The compact flourescent bulbs come in a screw type mount. They are
just the right color for reflective metals. I did not find them
locally, but found them on the internet.

Mike Buckner
Creative Engraving