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White Out

and the solder runs when I'm firing it...somebody suggested
white-out to stop solder from running. Any comments?

I use white-out all the time and like it a lot !! However, it is
my understanding that the only one to use is the water-based
white-out. The other is not safe for breathing in. I think it
works wonderfully – you can put it exactly where you want it, it
doesn’t contaminate the entire surface like ochre always seems to
do (and that includes floating around the bench and getting into
everything !), and stays on for the duration.

I’m not sure whether or not I’ve used it on pieces that have
been enamelled later, but I would figure on one thing if I did –
you will need to make sure that you really clean it off the
surface – that means scrubbing it like crazy !!

Laura Wiesler

you might try using a little sewingmachine oil and mix it with
red rouge scrapings until you get a thin red , oily pase. It
stops solder cold and can be removed in the ultra-sonic or with
steam. Jurgen