White Jade

I am looking for a source of White Jade, or legal ivory.

My son is getting married next year, and his bride-to-be believes
that pearls are unlucky (for brides at least, contrary to some
legends/superstitions). So I am looking for a suitable stone for her
to wear - so far I have come up with White Howlite, Ivory and White
Jade. Any other suggestions would be gratefully received.

I would prefer a source in the UK, but failing that, anywhere in the
world would be good. I only have one son, so price is not really a
consideration - unlike my business dealings :slight_smile:

I am also looking for a source of beads and findings in White gold,
again for a family member. My sister is 50 in September, and I am
looking to make her a special piece of jewellery, but she only wears
White or Rose gold.

I love this list - I am fairly new to the world of making jewellery,
but via this list I have learned so much!

Thanks to all
Pat Waddington

Semiprec - beautiful jewellery

Aloha, If looking for something white, then why not use white amber.
White Amber is available, can be purchased in a variety of shapes,
and if you know how to bezel set, then place it in an Oval with
beautiful edges or a White Shell carved CAMEO with flesh tone
background. Good luck. Waynette

When you get a chance look up mammoth ivory on the internet there
are many sources for this ivory.It is all legal due to its age.One
place to look is (www.ivoryworksoltd.com)they supply raw material to
artist and craftsmen.You can also look up (www.boonetrading.com)for
finished beads I hope this helps.


You might also consider using a white wood. I think it’s either
mistletoe or wisteria that makes a beautiful ivory-like color when
it’s been properly cured (check with an artisan woodworking group to
be sure which it is, though). There was a local wood artist who made
some phenomenally beautiful pieces in startling colors and he only
uses the natural color of the wood in his work. These pieces looked
like the finest ivory – white, not antiqued.

You can also get some very nice whites in the agates, of course, if
she wants to go in that direction. And I’ve seen some lovely “cats
eye” white stones – I believe they might have been agate, as it was
before the new sythetic cats eyes became popular.

Just a few ideas for you… best of luck!

Karen Goeller

There is a white agate material named Polka dot agate from Madras
Oregon…A nice bright white color and very hard and
durable…Howlite is way too soft…

Try calling Richardsons Ranch, in Oregon… It is a rockshop and so
much more… Don’t have the number off hand.

Ask for Polka dot agate, but without any of the dots or colors,
etc… or as much free from them as possible and then you can cut out
the best white parts…Should be low in cost, because no dots and
colors actually means it’s LOW grade, in this material…

Takes a mirror polish too by hand or in the tumbler


All, When I saw the reference to the need for white jade I thought to
myself…don’t bother with answering this one…everyone knows that
white jade is common stuff and has minimal value. I guess, maybe, I
was wrong. It seems that no one wants to come out and say how common
it is ! The Burmese jade deposits are essentially white jade and
that type is overwhelmingly low in value.

On the other hand, this is not to say that a jewelry creation
utilizing white jade is without value…on the contrary. White
Jade is still extraordinary for its physical attributes. It is
extremely tough and will take a beautiful polish. It wil last

Thus, an object made of white jade, especially if it is a well
executed carving, is especially appropriate for the sanctification
of a wedding.

Obviously, the association of value and the objects involved in the
wedding ritual is irelevant. Jewelry that is associated with being
the icon of matrimony need only be those objects that are meaningful
to those who are marrying. Ron at Mills Gem, Los Osos, Ca.


I have used white Moonstone, either the real Moonstone or the
Feldspar type know as Rainbow Moonstone. You can see both at my
website, www.TheBeadInstitute.com. Just do a search for Moonstone.

Moonstone is a wonderful choice. The name comes from the fact that
light moves over it and the reflection resembles the phases of the
Moon. If you would like more please contact me off list
at verab@veragem.com.

Congratulations on all the happy events!

Vera Battemarco

Hello Pat

Why not check out seller of IVORY NUT as it appears to be real ivory
yet is plant based. It is also quite reasonably priced. It can be
carved or cabbed just like real ivory too. I know that is even
readily available here in Calgary. Looks nice too.

Karen Bahr “the Rocklady” (@Rocklady) K.I.S. Creations
May your gems always sparkle.

I don’t know about “cats eye” agates, but I have cut several white
on white fortification agates from the Fourth of July Butte area of
Arizona which display the shadow or venetian blind habit- that is,
the bands are so fine that light actually gets trapped between them,
resulting in a “play of darkness” rather than a play of color. The
phenomenon is not common, and is usually seen in Lake Superior
agates and some Mexican agates.

Lee Einer
Dos Manos Jewelry

Aloha Everyone, Is White Jade the only gemstone you can use? What
type of design will this piece of White Jade be used in? Some bead
companies sell White, Carved Bones that are beautiful, would this
suffice? White Amber is also very beautiful and when nestled next to
an eye catcher, the design should turn very well. The only Ivory I
know of that people use for Scrimshaw is from fossilized Walrus
tusks from Alsaka. This type of Ivory is not white but has a slight
tan color throughout it. A nice, large piece of Amber may suffice for
White Jade depending on how the Jade was to be used. With so many
gemstones to select from, one simply has to know:

  • Why is White Jade needed?

  • Why is White needed?

  • Can the Jade be substituted without causing any problems? *
    If yes, then the doorway is open to an array of various

  • If it needs to be very old, then White Amber comes to mind. * If it
    just needs to be white but represents a specific custom of the
    Bride, then perhaps a hand carved bone disk in Asian Motif, Celtic
    Knots, or something similar will work.

  • This answer is wide open depending on why “White” is necessary. I
    have 4 various sizes of Jade, 3 are very heavy, White with a wispy
    swirl of green through it. If you are interested in seeing it, send
    me an e-mail off line, I will scan the images for you and send it to
    your e-mail. Much Aloha to All, Waynette