White gold scratch resist?

Hi everyone, my name is Joanne I am a student goldsmith and I have a
question to ask all, I work allot with white gold and I am just
wondering weather there are any products available to me that will
protect my work whilst its being displayed from scratches? I have
heard that you can use clear nail vanish but I would just like to
know are there any more purpose made products available to me, and
if so where can I get them. thanks for all your help, all suggestions
are welcome!

Hi Joanne,

There is nothing I know of that can be applied on precious metals to
prevent scratches. Varnish may work as a temporary protective coat
while shipping… to be washed off before display, but careful
wrapping in soft tissue paper is much easier. Chrome plating comes to
mind but dismissed because it will cheapen white gold to the value of

That perfect polish you achieved on a new item is short lived.
Rubbing against cloth, paper and skin combined with normal
atmospheric dust will put on micro scratches. Careful handling is the
answer, some people wear a pair of white gloves while handling
precious items, and there are gloves made out of polishing cloth.

Cheers, Alastair