White gold question/plating

Dear Steve, When you say plate the ring with Rhodium plating…
Can one do that at home? I plate objects with 24 K gold
plating.(Like a fastener that is made with 14k or 18K and I want
it to look like the rest of my bracelet made of 22k gold.) Can I
buy the Rhodium plating in a bottle and using the same setup,
plate with the rhodium . plating and then plate over that with
the gold?. This will give me a better base for the gold
plating???Also is this a better way to plate silver???
Appreciate your help …thanks calgang@aol.com

Dear calgang:

Yes, you plate rhodium onto gold electrically the same as gold
plating except you don’t heat it. It’s done cold using eather a
platinum or stsinless steel anode. Don’t use rhodium for silver
however, as it damages the solution. Nickle is the material of
choice as it plates a heavier, more durable film and still gives
you a nice white color. Rhodium is available eather pre-mixed or
in a concentrate you mix yourself with distilled water. If you
want a more durable plating on your gold pieces, use copper first
as it has the yellow color and won’t show through as much as a
white metal would. You might contact your suppier for more
I use Hoover & Strong (804)-794-3700) for all my

Hope this helps;


Elizabeth, The best magazine for jewelers is Lapidary Journal
because of the interviews, projects and excellent photography.
The best magazine for show is Sunshine Artist it is a
magazine which rates about every Traditional Craft and Fine Art
Show in the country. The artists who exhibit at the shows send in
a rating card every year. Metalsmith Magazine is mostly
interviews and gallery adds.

Metalsmith is connected to SNAG North American Goldsmiths an
organization that promotes the knowledge of techniques and
discussions about everything to do with metals. They are having
their annual convention in Saint Louis this year in late May.
Ornament is a nice fluff magazine that covers fiber, and jewelry
but the stories are very interesting to read. You may find that
a subscription to these magazines is easier than running to
Barnes and Nobels every month? Sincerely, Jen

Yes, you plate rhodium onto gold electrically the same as gold
plating except you don’t heat it. It’s done cold using eather a
platinum or stsinless steel anode.

Should use a little care with the anode. A stainless steel anode
will react with the sulfuric acid in the rhodium solution
thereby rendering it useless. Very expensive mistake. A stainless
anode is recomended for a number of gold plating solutions. For
rhodium, use platinum or platinized titanium. Years ago, I knew a
guy that used a palladium anode with seemingly no ill effects.
Personally, I use platinum.

Bruce D. Holmgrain
Maryland’s first JA Certified Master Bench Jeweler

HI… Thanks for the info and shall maybe try it… Sometimes I
need a thicker surface on the “object” and plating with copper
first and then gold would give me probably a longer use between
platings…Thanks again… calgang

Well Bruce, here we are again! I have always used a stainless
or a plated steel anode with no problems. I purchased an
expanded steel anode that’s plated with platinum some years back
after using a straight stainless one. If the solution is kept
clean (covered tightly when not in use) and you steam off the
anode before using, there is never a problem.

Doubly Curious;


Yes Steve and Bruce…I also have used a stainless steel anode
for the last 18 years or so and have never had a problem… Same
goes with Boric/alcohol, I have never glazed a stone…(that I
know of ).They must be getting it very hot for a very long time ?

Terry Parresol
professional horologist and a pretty good goldsmith ( today, anyway )