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White gold pickle


I have searched and searched the archives, and I’ve seen many
references to, but never a recipe for, a nickel white gold pickle
made of sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide. So, can anyone who uses
this, and has good results, please send me the formula that they
use? Please be sure to tell me what concentrates of acid and
peroxide you use (these will most likely be printed on the
containers somewhere, and will say either x% or xN, wherein “x” is
the number I need to know, and I’m terribly sorry if this seems
condescending, it’s not intended that way at all, I just know that
there have been plenty of times in my life where I’ve gotten hand me
downs, or used whatever was on hand, and would hate to not get this
vital bit of because of those circumstances. Really,
I’m not that smarmy, I promise.) I did find plenty of great
in the archives about using a boric acid solution to
prevent the scale from forming, and I’ll give that a try, but I
really really need to know how I can get the icky black out of the
tiny nooks and crannies of the pieces I’ve already soldered, because
there are some places where I just cant get my polishing pins and
cords. Thanks for reading my rambling.

E Gore


Dear Electa Gore,

I had written a fairly long post on this subject this last February
with a system that worked really well—I assume you saw it? When
the system didn’t produce a competely white and shiny surface, I
used a 50% (!) sulfuric acid-to-distilled water pickle in a shot
glass (ie a very small amount of pickle for a small object) with a
hefty pour of 30% solution of hydrogen peroxide—perhaps a teaspoon
or more. From the archives I gather it doesn’t matter exactly how
much hydrogen peroxide so long as it bubbles off the piece. Add more
whenever it’s not bubbling off a submerged piece.

Janet in Jerusalem