"White Gold" mine

My latest favorite is the earnest (but not very bright) young man
who contacted me about making a set of sterling silver wedding rings
for himself and his Bride-to-be. I explained that in my experience,
silver wedding bands just don’t hold up well to the daily
wear-and-tear of a lifetime and explained that gold would be a
better choice, since my labor cost would be the same regardless. He
considered my recommendation and then responded, “So I guess you can
spray some gold on the inside so our fingers won’t wear through the
rings, huh?”

Walk in Beauty,
Susannah Ravenswing
Jewels of the Spirit
Germanton, NC - The boxes are (mostly) unpacked, and living the
dream is every bit as good as we’d hoped!

About six months ago a customer of mine told me that a respected
jeweller (one she had been dealing with for years) had turned her
18kt yellow gold pendant into white gold through a chemical process.
I assured her that there was no such process. I even posted on
Orchid to see what Orchidians thought had been done to her pendant.
The consensus was that the pendant had been rhodium plated.

I saw that same customer a couple of weeks ago. She was wearing the
pendant that had magically been made into white gold. She showed me
where the “white gold” had worn off on the back, where it had been
rubbing against her clothing, revealing the yellow gold under it.
That respected jeweller that lied to her has now lost a long time

Milt Fischbein - Jewellery Artist
Calgary Canada