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White gold granulation using palladium

Hi, I am trying to granulate in white gold using a palladium alloy,
I am having trouble getting the balls to form true round and to fuse.
Does anyone have any experience at this?

Thanks so much for any info!

Hello Kimarie,

What kind of flame are you using? With the balls fusing, are they
attaching and then cracking off, (porous seam) or are they just not
sticking at all? Palladium is famous for absorbing excess gas, and
can be laser welded, but not easily fused. The content in your gold
alloy could be the problem. You might have to commit the cardinal
granulation sin of using solder. Or you could try the traditional
white gold alloy, which might work better for you for this project.
Or, would using traditional gold for the granulation work, say for a
two-tone look?



The high melting point of the palladium white 22kt alloy is why the
balls don’t want to get really round with the type flame being used.
Call me and I can help.

Ronda Coryell