White gold cast has turned yellow

Making a caste white gold ring. Usually I would have purchased sheet Eco gold from suppliers in UK but they were closed due to Covid19 so I purchased 14ct white gold scrap jewellery from an auction site. I melted down, adding18ct white gold granules to the mix. Used ceramic bowl, tungsten pick, oxidised flame on torch and a delft clay casting mould. When I cast the ring it came out yellow. What did I do wrong? Have I lost my ‘white’ gold?

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Most white gold is not really white unless it is alloyed with nickel or palladium. In Europe nickel has been outlawed… so most white gold is whiter then yellow but still has a slight yellow tint to it and need rhodium or palladium plating to make it look really white.
The nature of the beast.
Some alloys are whiter then others.