White Drusy discoloration

Hello, About a year ago I made a custom ring with white drusy. I
purchased a pair of drusies and cut one for the ring. The customer
called me and said her stone has gradually turned gray with only one
small white spot remaining. She has tried cleaning it in warm water,
dish soap, and using a soft toothbrush. She takes the ring off when
applying lotions or cosmetics. The ring has not discolored and she
cleans the metal (sterling and 18k) with a polishing cloth. The stone
that I still have (unset) from the pair is still white. This is the
only piece I’ve ever made with white drusy. Does anyone have
experience with this or any suggestions? Thanks!

Amy O’Connell
Amy O’Connell Jewelry

Try using Mr. Clean and a toothbrush, and then the ultrasonic on the

Diane Sadel

Hi, Amy- Is the druzy mounted in silver, and is it possible that the
apparent transition from white to grey is due to tarnish behind the
stone? If the druzy was somewhat translucent, it makes sense that
this could happen.


  ... said her stone has gradually turned gray with only one small
white spot remaining. 

that makes me wonder whether perhaps you bought one of the coated
drusies. Druzy stones have been popular candidates for a number of
vapor deposition coatings, giving a variety of effects, from
irridescence to wild colors. I’m not familier with one that’s plain
white, but who knows. I wouldn’t normally expect such a thing to
change, unless the color is surface only, and coming off. Try
contacting the vendor you bought the things from…



The first time I set a white drusy I got rough embedded in all the
crystals when I did the final buffing. This was a particularly
rough surface drusy and the way I finally got it clean again was
soaking it in warm oxalic acid and then using hot Mr. Clean solution
and a soft brush.

Now if the piece needs any more buffing after it has been set I coat
the stone with clear nail polish first!

You might also try soaking the stone with some acetone and then
brushing it gently. I have never heard of one changing color but
I’ve seen some that were really dirty from wear like the grime that
gets under a stone in a ring or earring.

Nancy Bernardine-Widmer
Bernardine Fine Art Jewelry