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White Aquamarine

There seems to be so much interest in the White Aquamarine thread,and
so much name confusion,I wonder if you might permit an old man’s
recollection.About 15 years ago I had a factory in Govenador
Valadares,Minas Gerias,Brazil just to buy on the spot White Beryl and
process it.15 cobbers working.My idea was to irradiate the material
and then sort all the different colors into a color suite,a rainbow
line but in Beryl.I used natural Pink,Blues and irradiated
yellows,goldens.etc.After 2 years work,I was ready for market,50 kilos
flawless roughs in a dozen different colors.I thought it was a
brilliant idea and flew to Idar Oberstein to seek a
distributer.Well,business was very bad there,so after a week of door
knocking,I had to take the whole bag home.I stopped off in New York,at
this point pretty broke.So I had some parcel of bead quality
Tourmaline and took it to .They are a massive Indian
company,the largest buyers of Emerald rough in the world in fact.It
was known that they were buying in Brazil alone up to 500K per month
Emerald roughs.They are very aggresive buyers,and after I sold the
Tourmaline for India,they leaped over the desk,and opened my bag
asking"What else can you sell us?" Well inside was a few bags of my
color suite Beryl.They grabbed the bags and said asked what is this?I
told them it was Beryl,and that point they looked puzzeled.They asked
me,and here is the kicker,What’s a Beryl? The largest Emerald dealer
in the world,and “What’s a Beryl?” Well a light bulb went off in my
head,and I replied “it is all the colors of Aquamarine!” Well,I made
the sale,and I am sure they dyed them all green and made lovely
Emerald beads out of them. Mark Liccini