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White Acrylic Domes

Hank, Count me in for two of them either with a small enough=
for the Nikon 990 (31mm) or* no hole at all.* Drilling or enlarging
a hole in acrylic is not a difficult or time consuming chore and can
be done with the tools we all have in our studios already. I plan on
using the domes as starting point for a very modified version of the
copyrighted plastic dome photo system with the hole in a separate
piece of acrylic which will slide the view hole from 90 degrees
verticle down to approximately 15 degrees from the horizontal and
don’t see the point to spending the extra money for somebody’s idea,
bracket, and marketing in order to do my own trial and error research
to get a sysytem that I feel will be more flexible for my own needs.
I don’t find straight down shots to be very attractive as much as they
are utilitarian at merely documenting a piece of jewelry. I hope the
rest of the original group that responded will continue with their
interest in this because I have no other inexpensive source for domes
to experiment with and I do not believe this is in any way an
infingement on anyone’s rights. I do not plan on marketing what (if
anything) I come up with; I merely want a system that will do what
I want done. Thanks in advance, Hank!

Paul Reilly, In finally “no-smoking” Colorado Springs, where the air
is finally clear of the constant smell of campfire;( and hopefully
will remain that way
through the summer.) —