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Which ultrasonic cleaner

I believe I saw a post which compared 40 khz and 37 khz ultrasonic
cleaners but cannot find it. I am looking for an ultrasonic cleaner
but need some pointers on what to look for, i. e. is a 200 watt
heater much better than one with a 50 watt, and is a dental cleaner
just as good as a jewelry cleaner. All help appreciated.


an ultarsonic is an ultrasonic - doesn’t matter which vendor it’s
sold by or industry cataloguing it - all do the exact same thing.
heater is good if you don’t use a lot of pearls or glued materials
(soudee, triplets, doublets, etc.) -otherwise it depends on the
capacity you want. I have used a small one for years and it holds a
few belt buckles, rings and other pieces with the same degree of
cleaning as if they were spread out in a 2 qt. machine. I like the
PC3 I have just fine. I wouldn’t buy an x mart “connoisseur” brand -
they aren’t great and have plastic housings. Harbour freight sells
some large and small models reasonably- one is heated another not,
some really large, some 1 quart, or less. depends on the space you
want to take up with a machine and whether it will be constantly
plugged in or not. there are also models with a steamer on them
(check out prices on FDJ tools, Roseco, Rosenthals, Contenti, buffalo
dental, Edenta, Nat’l Dental Supply, Harbour freight, etc.) I have a
buffalo dental unit but the heating element went out soon after I got
it, but they replace things within 30 (or so) days. As with anything,
test it on a continuous load /running 24/7 for a week or more to make
sure the element is good out of the box. Otherwise, price would be
the main factor for the features you want- wherever you find a metal
housing (or even heavy duty composite can work- not flimsy plastic
like the connoisseur brand) and capacity and heat or not for the best
price should be where you make the buy- not based on the industry its
intended for. I would seriously consider buying a used machine as
there has to be a reason the person is selling it- most often the
heating element is the problem but it still will send ultrasonic
waves through the water !..Oh if you are tempted to run a cleaning
solution in it DON’t buy the HF powder unless you plan on blackening
your silver alloys! rer