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Which torch/ tip/ fuel system do you use for melting and pouring ingots


which torch/ tips/ fuel system(s) would be best for melting and pouring ingots…?


p.s, this looks like a simple, brilliant setup for supporting the crucible while pouring an ingot…!

…just yesterday i was just thinking about ways to improve my pouring, and contemplating ways that i have seen to support/ steady the crucible…i was recalling a fabricated metal pouring stand i saw for sand casting…i love a good jig…!

the small diameter rod 2 part combination molds challenge me the most…the opening is so small!…

and wondering if 2 part rod molds were available with a larger funnel spout…like the 2 part square sand casting frames…which i may want to consider after reading Rob’s paper on casting and rolling ingots ver2.0

then, this popped up on instagram!

so simple!

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