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Which tarnish remover is best?


I am looking to order tarnish remover for my silver stock and will be
ordering from Stuller in Mexico, where I live.

They have two types and I am wondering if anyone has used them and
can make a recommendation.

When I moved to Mexico I put all my silver in sulphur to darken it so
it wasn’t taken in the shipping. It worked but the black silver
isproving to be a nightmare to try and clean up before using. Thus I
want something I can dip it into and rinse and start to produce.

Don’t tell me about the old foil and baking soda stuff as it will
not touch the level of black my metal has on it.

So the two types from Stuller are:

  1. Tarnish Remover/Dip N rinse
  2. Insta-Clean Tarnish Remover

I thank you for any advise on which one you have used and like.




Here’s my report on what dips will do to your silver (and your

Then check out my Silver Polish Abrasion Ratings page here:

Jeff Herman


Sharron- Listen to Jeffrey Herman. He’s the dude.

If you want it all bright I’d suggest dunking it in hot cyanide. Or
electro striping. Both are easy to do.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer


This is some very good re silver tarnish. It was posted
some time ago by Jeffrey Herman, a master. Might nit be the answer
to your question, but worth looking at.


Dear Jeffrey,

Thank you and that puts the idea of using that dip out the window.

But it still doesn’t answer my problem. I put a thick coating of
heated liver of sulphur on all my silver wire and sheet and jewelry
which made them black, really black. It did prevent any theft from my
shipment into Mexico but now I need to clean it off so I can make
jewelry with it. It is not a small amount to clean and using my
polishing machine is not the answer.

I looked at the suggestions you sent but none of it would clean the
serious blackening on all the silver.

Is there anything that is feasible to use?

Many thanks,


You might try soaking in hot vinegar and salt.


Sharron- Cyanide is safe to use if you don’t drink or bathe in it.
Warm it up and place the metal in it.

Electro stripping uses a cyanide based solution that is used with a
plating machine only reversing the charges.

Jo Haemer



Contact a plating company that should be able to remove the patina
with THEIR nasty chemical concoctions.

Jeff Herman


Hello Sharron,

Have you tried simply heating the metal? The procedures involved
with soldering have always removed any patina present when making
repairs. Follow with pickle, as is usual.

Judy in KS, where a lovely rain last night made a small improvement in
the drought.



Just the thought of having cyanide in my shop gives me the willies.
If and when the time comes to dispose of it, lots of questions are
going to be asked.

Jeff Herman


The one that is been around since the early 1900’s is 54-4444 the
purple solution…

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold