Which silver?

Although I like silver, I really don’t have an opportunity to work
with it very often. I have to make a big, cast bangle bracelet in
sterling silver that needs to have a good deal of oxidation as a
design element. Which silver alloy should I use? I need it to take a
nice, rich black oxidation in the recesses, or I can use black
rhodium as a second choice I guess. It just needs to be fairly
permanent and the deox alloys, like argentium, make me think they
might be harder to oxidize. What do you talented orchidians


You can oxidise non-tarnish silvers by using Griffiths Silver
Blackener, or you could just stick with sterling and use LOS.

Regards Charles A.

I’ve found that Continuum oxidizes beautifully.

I oxidize with ordinary liver of sulfur and thoroughly rinse the
piece and then put it in my stainless shot rotary tumbler with just
little soap. The shot will sort of hammer the oxidization into the
surface of the metal. 20 minutes at the most. It makes for a more
durable finish. Continuum is much harder than regular sterling once
kiln hardened.

Is this bangle to be cast a fitted cuff or a loose bangle? I’d be
wary of casting a fitted cuff as the metal won’t be as springy as
fabricated and may crack with time.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer

Hello Mark,

Argentium does react with LoS to darken. It may take a little
longer, but if the LoS is hot, you can’t tell the difference. Since
you are casting, I think the real question is which silver alloy will
give you the best casting.

Casting is not my bag, so I can’t offer on that issue.

Judy in Kansas, where a spell of warmer weather is melting the

YEA! Makes me cast an eye over the gardens in anticipation of

Argentium does react with LoS to darken. 

Good to know, I was misinformed :slight_smile: CIA