Which setting video next?

I need a show of hands to which setting video you want next.

Bezel Setting, 4-Prong Engagement ring, Gypsy/Flush, or a Princess
stone?..Gerry Lewy

From Sasha Bell

4-prong engagement please and thank you!

From Alma

Actually all four, but if it needs to be narrowed down, gypsy/flush.
However, I will appreciate whatever is decided. Thank you. Alma

From Julie Seymour

Gypsy or Flush, please.

From Thomas H. Louthen III

I guess I have to vote for Princess Cut to see if I set that diamond
wrong to begin with!

From david piccoli

bezel i am novice in metal

From andrew charvoz

Gerry I vote for —Gypsy/Flush

From Sue Danehy

How about a gypsy setting?

From Christopher Lund

Gerry, from somebody whom isn’t worthy to ask, I would be
interested in gypsy/flush.

I got myself a load of practice stones ready for such shenanigans.
Cheap peridots, actually

Thank you for your willingness to share. Christopher Lund

From Eleanor Phillips


Princess, please.

I vote gypsy/flush as well!


Gypsy/ Flush settings. Thanks you for your time. Chris

I think I’m a minority, but I’d like to see Princess, myself. But
then, I’ve done some flush setting- & as someone else mentioned,
they’d all be great to see.

That said, I feel have to warn Christopher that peridots are kinda
terrible for flush setting practice- they’re soft & chip really
easily. I did a birthstone ring for my aunt with a peridot (August) &
a pink tourmaline (October) when I was first learning flush setting.
I had no problems with the tourmaline but I killed a couple of
peridot before I got one set properly. CZs are much better for
setting practice-- they can take a bit more punishment

Also, I thought engagement rings always had 6 prongs?

Artist, Metalsmith, Chaos Magnet

Dear Gerald, Princess is the next choice. Especially the invisible
setting. Umesh

After some interesting requests on up & coming video’s. I’m going to
continue on with what everyone has asked for in future

These will be Bezel Setting, Princess Setting, Gypsy/Flush & the
very easy 4-Claw/Prong setting.
.for now! Bead setting will be done
once these 4 are finished. I’m still drawing diagrams to make your
lives easier while learning & watching.

regards to all. Gerry Lewy

This is so generous of you Gerry. I’ve had your gravers and essays
for a fewyears now but haven’t had the courage to do anything more
adventurous than the bezel settings I’ve always done (into which
I’ve put a lot of work to achieve a high standard). I feel that the
videos you’re making will give me thepush to start trying
alternative settings. Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to
seeing them once made.


Thank you Gerry, you are a god send to us who are learning the
trade, looking forward to meeting you soon in Ontario.