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Which Metal-Pusher, for Which Stone?

These ‘recommendations’ for suggested metal-pushing came from my 55 years of setting stones.

I have not gathered these ‘metal-pushing selections’ from any books, nor videos. These diamond setting ‘choices’ shown here were not found on any other ‘internet sites’. These notes ARE MY NOTES!

The (bracketed notes) are not for some casual reading, but these should be read!!

(Please print this list & paste it somewhere near your bench). I created this list from my past setting experiences for YOU!

This is now yours & please share with your fellow trades-persons!

You can put your own thoughts along side of mine, if needed!

DISCLAIMER: If you find that the selection you made from my list has broken you gemstones, I cannot be held responsible. Greatest of care must be given at all times while setting your gemstones!


In this photograph; you can see my 3 steel pushers. There are as well 3 Brass & 2 Copper metal-pushers.

My choice can be now two-fold; either I make a totally new metal pusher, or modify what I have.

(I prefer a new series of pushers to be 100% ‘untouched’, just in case some newer tools are needed at a later time!)

"I do not buy new tools, I just modify with what I may have, at a moments notice!"

Name of Gemstone Metal Pusher (that may be also used)

Diamond | Brass, Copper, Steel

Ruby | Brass, Copper, Steel

Sapphire | Brass, Copper, Steel

Alexandrite | Brass, Copper

Topaz | Brass, Copper

Spinel | Brass, Copper

Blue Topaz | Brass, Copper

Emerald | Brass, Copper

Andalusite | (N/A)

Aquamarine | Brass, Copper Iolite (N/A)

Smokey Quartz | Brass, Copper Amethyst Copper (stones are very fragile)

Tourmaline | Brass, Copper

Citrine Brass, Copper (avoid Steel) Garnet | Brass, Copper

Onyx | Brass, Copper

Tiger-Eye | Brass, Copper (avoid Steel)

Zircon | Brass, Copper, (too risky for Steel) Bloodstone Brass, Copper (avoid Steel)

Tanzanite | Brass, Copper

Peridot | Brass, Copper, (too risky for Steel) Moonstone Brass, Copper (Steel is 100% no-no)

Hematite | Copper, (Brass is a ‘maybe’)

Opal | Copper ONLY! (Keep these stones ‘oiled’)

Lapis Lazuli | Brass, Copper (be very careful)

Turquoise | Copper (be extremely careful)

Malachite | N/A

Coral | Copper (please be extremely careful)

Pearl | Brass, Copper (never, never with Steel) Amber Copper ONLY (too darn fragile for Brass)

After setting your gemstones, the “Pumice Wheel” cleaning will now commence, why now? Some metal-pushing on the claws will leave a ‘textured’ surface and these cannot remain without your ‘post-setting’ cleaning!

After your setting & cleaning; the next process is “Tripoli & Rouge” finishing.

Please do not be too aggressive in this polishing process, as your claws/prongs might get ruined.

If you do your own ‘post-setting’ polishing, please use the greatest of care in this very delicate procedure!

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