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"Which basic ring clamp should YOU use & why?"


How often have YOU asked yourself that question?

In my newest essay #83, that question will now be discussed. I will answer that simple and yet interesting question showing you 5 different ring clamps & 20+ photographs.

I’m very sure once you read this informative essay, you’ll have a better understanding the ‘pro’s & con’s’ of each clamp. I’m answering ‘how each can be used & of course where’?

I put many “demo-rings” in them, you can see for yourselves just how they seem to answer your first question,"WHICH BASIC RING CLAMP TO USE?"

Regards to all and everywhere!


Off topic, but can’t figure out how to introduce a new one. My problem is in trying to create the setting for a faceted stone, where you create an arc of metal, solder it into a tapered tube, cut out prongs, etc. I have 2 stone setting books with detailed instructions but can’t seem to come out with the right size tube. Don’t know whether there are typos in the directions or I just keep reading them wrong.

Noralie Katsu


Regarding the question I asked about the cone setting for a faceted stone, after many trials and errors I seem to be getting the idea. At least the paper attempts were cheap and disposable. Now to try it in copper.

Noralie Katsu


Gerry, how do I get to that? I am very interested to see what you have to say about the topic. Thanks


I would appreciate knowing where I need to go on this site in order to read your essays…thank you…Pat


My blog is too easy to find, my link is in the BLUE letters shown below


Link not showing on my screen. Here is a bookmark I have set up for me. Gerry’s Blog


Hope this helps
Regards RLW