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Where's Frank Goss?

Hello All,

I was recently carving an extremely delicate pattern into the side of
a ring with undercutting for an inlay design. Time after time I
would move the blade and put a ding in the opposite side of the

Suddenly a voice in my head said, “Frank Goss”. I don’t know if it
came from deep within my brain, or way out there, but it was loud
and clear, and there was no mistaking it.

Then I remembered a few years ago he responded to an Orchid question
by writing a very detailed description of the carving of an
intricate setting, including how to take a scalpel-type blade and
grind down the back side of it with a separating disc to make it
very thin, so it wouldn’t get in it’s own way.

I did just that and finally met with success.

But I hadn’t run across that name in a long time. I never met the
man, but I do seem to remember that he was a frequent contributor to
this forum. So I’m wondering, what ever happened to Frank Goss?

Tess, in absolutely fabulous Florida
PS: Thank you Frank Goss, wherever you are.