Where to stamp the hallmark mark

here’s one more question, what about stamping my pieces with no place
on the gold bezel to put a stamp? I cannot put the 14k stamp anywhere
on the argentium right? so it must go stamped only as.925 or
argentium (if I had the AS stamp, still waiting). Is this correct? We
are still waiting also for some kind of marketing material from the
argentium people, we have requested something to help our retail
customers understand argentium. We try to explain the metal to them
but we are more metalsmiths than sales poeple and I think we
sometimes lose them. The company that’s making it now (I forget the
name) says they are working on it but our tourist season is half
finished here and I haven’t heard anything yet. Maybe if we all ask
nicely they will come up with some marketing materials…

As long as it’s all soldered together then stamp it where future
sizings or other routine work will not obliterate it.

Repairers, valuers and owners like to see the stamp for all time.