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Where to send platinum and gold

I can get all the copper I want from my employer (I asked 2-3 years
ago BTW). I’m also an electrician so that can be a hefty ammount of
copper. It’s relatively easy to melt down and alloy to make bronze.
that’s saved me probably $1000 in casting grain so far. A few more
years to the tens of thousands mark, but I’m on my way…

I propose that it MAY have been OK for those people to glean the
platinum, at least until the manager finds out how much they have
accumulated over the years. =) A lot of the time this kind stuff
goes to the garbage, because “It’s Junk. Why Would I keep that?*”
(*note the silver pipe fro earlier)

The uneducated can shure do a lot of damage (to the bottom line =)

As far as I know, removing items stuff from the trash is not
stealing, in fact I think that is a protected right in the states…

Also, it is one of the ajor tennets of RECYCLING. =)